A Sweet Taste of Candytopia

A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.

Willy Wonka

The candy-themed “art” installation Candytopia is both a mix of nonsensical whimsy and a telling social commentary about society’s obsession with photographing and broadcasting every moment of our lives. (Yes, I realize the irony that by posting on this channel I’m, in fact, broadcasting it myself.)

It was super silly, in some of the best ways. I’d like to personally shake the hand of whomever thought up a candy-covered pig in a tutu that farts confetti as a crowd-pleasing attraction. There was impressive artwork and massive sculpture made from gummy bears, candy corn and any other type of sweet treat you can imagine.

However, not unlike watching the Willy Wonka movies, I left with a sense of sadness. Despite all the vibrant colors and plentiful confetti, the self-centered, narcissistic behavior of our fellow visitors felt like they were more interested in looking like they were having fun on their iPhone screens (and ultimately Instagram) than actually enjoying the experience.

Ultimately, I can’t decide if the folks who produce events like this (including the other candy-themed installation Sweet Tooth Hotel) are in on the joke, or if they’re just giving people what they want.

Candytopia in Dallas has been extended through Monday, September 2nd. Also open in Houston. Tickets at candytopia.com.

Claire, enjoying the confetting flying out of the farting pig’s posterior
Marshmallow Pit Madness
It looks cute, but it felt like this might be where I would die…or at least catch a vicious case of pink eye.
The art of candy…or candy made of art.
They managed to make (the most disgusting candy on the planet) Candy Corn appealing. Have I ever told you the perfect way to eat Candy Corn? Put as many as you can into your hand…and then throw them away.

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