My Favorite Ways To Use Apple AirTags To Save My Stuff…& My Sanity

Growing up with a cluttered, too-many-tabs-open, ADHD brain, I’ve come to rely on some hardcore coping mechanism to make sure I don’t lose all my shit…or my mind while trying to find them. I’m a fanatical follower of the “a place for everything and everything in its place” school of thought. If something’s always where it’s supposed to be, it’s never lost.

For example, my keys only live in my wallet, the coin tray in my closet or a particular drawer in the kitchen. When they’re not there – usually not of my own volition – my beloved husband and our teenage children can attest to the temper tantrum that ensues.

All that said, one of the greatest, most stress-relieving inventions of my adult life has been the Apple AirTag. Using the iPhone “Find My” app, you can track exactly where the item is, down to the foot and direction from where you’re standing.

And guess what? A four-pack is on sale for $10 off on Amazon right now. That rarely happens with Apple gadgets!

AirTag 4 Pack, Normally $99, Now $89 ON SALE!:

I thought I’d take this milestone moment to share some of my favorite creative ways to use AirTags, Apple’s “Find My” iPhone app and the accompanying accessories that help make it possible.

Keep Track of Your Pets & Their Leashes:

If you’ve ever had a runner who enjoys nothing more than darting out the kitchen door or an accidentally open side gate – and then cut to you spending the greater part of the evening trying to track them down – this tip is for you! Both of our dogs have AirTags attached to their collars with these lightweight silicon sleeves. I’ve also heard of people placing these same sleeves, or keychains (see below), on their leases so that they can always find those as well.

Track Your Luggage

I’m not a carry-on queen. In fact, there’s nothing I dislike more when traveling than dragging my suitcase through a crowded airport. Unfortunately, that’s often a roll of the dice with worse odds than the Craps table at Caesar’s Palace. I just pop an AirTag in my suitcase to verify that it’s made it onboard with me and to easily locate the bag if it goes missing. You can even set up notifications so you receive an alert when your luggage arrives on the baggage carousel! (This also works well for camera bags, diaper bags and the like.)

Find Your Keys & Your Wallet

Attach an AirTag to your keyring and you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. Same with your wallet (or your teenage son’s) – they make a thin credit card-like insert that slips right next to the Amex. And if you’re a bougie bitch, Apple even makes an Hermes AirTag keychain in the luxury brand’s iconic orange:

Keep Tabs on Your Kids, Their Backpacks & Their Lunchboxes

If you have young children who tend to wander off, an AirTag can give you peace of mind. Attach an AirTag to junior’s backpack or coat. Same with remembering to bring home their lunchboxes! (You can set an alert for every time it leaves school so that you get pinged when it’s made it to the car.) Remind me to tell you about the time that Mason left his lunchbox, still full of Aldi sushi, in his locker over Christmas break…and the smell that accosted our poor middle school teachers when they returned for post-holiday workdays.

Locate Your Bike

If you ride bikes, this tip is for you! Attach an AirTag and you’ll be able to locate it quickly if it’s ever stolen or misplaced. They even make holders that can be hidden in the bell, under the seat and in the rear reflector so that thieves can’t spot them and chunk them in the nearest storm drain. Back in college, I was notorious for riding my bike across campus, and then walking back to my dorm because I’d forgotten that I’d ridden my bike in the first place. I’m still convinced that I actually lost my bike, rather than having it stolen freshman year. An AirTag would have saved me $$$ to replace it! (Here’s a link to a bunch of options:

Remember Where You Parked

Keep forgetting where you parked your car at the airport or at the grocery store? Throw the AirTag into your glove compartment – or better yet, stick one to the inside of your rear window. Problem solved and no more wandering from terminal to terminal to find your ride home.

TV Remote Control 

There’s a nearly-nightly ritual in our house: Find The Remote! There are remote control cases for Apple TVs and Roku streaming boxes that not long make finding it a breeze, they also make it easier to hold the ever-so-tiny remotes! (Case for Apple TV:; for Roku:

Keep me posted on how these magical little pucks have helped you! (Please share any other ideas too!)


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