For One Night Only: #GoneTooSoon

For one night — and one spooky night only — the Koches have resurrected our favorite singers for an encore performance. Presenting #GoneTooSoon!

Coming first to the stage, we have one of the ultimate gone too soon performers, Selena!

I actually tried to sew this costume…twice…before ordering it on Etsy. My first attempt was gorgeous, well-crafted and fit perfectly, unless Claire wanted to move. The second time would have made MC Hammer proud to have another wardrobe choice. I know when to quit throwing good money after bad. Anything for Selenas!

Speaking of Bad, the King of Pop is moonwalking back into the mortal world for one last Thriller night. (Mason popped this pose without any coaching. My little performer really wanted to get the character right.)

Elvis is back in the building! Thank ya, thank ya verr much.

Fun fact: The King of Rock & Roll was The King of Pop’s (late) father-in-law for more than two years. Talk about a royal family!

Wake him up before you go go, it’s George Michael! Todd is such a trooper for tolerating, and sometimes even begrudgingly enjoying, my shenanigans. Extra kudos to him for goofing off in the front yard during rush hour as people honked, waved and laughed on their commutes home.


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